Poisoned. Killed.
Thrown away like garbage.


FIFA: Stop Homeless Animal Slaughter at World Cup events

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Dogs are being slaughtered to ‘clean up’ the streets in the name of football.

FIFA must shoulder the responsibility for these deaths and take immediate action to ensure no more dogs are inhumanely slaughtered, now and in the future.

Rounding up and killing homeless animals, whose only crimes are not having a family to love, causes untold pain and suffering. Help us end the slaughter. Sign our petition to FIFA today.


To: Gianni Infantino, President, FIFA

End stray dog slaughter. Add an animal welfare clause to the FIFA Code of Ethics.

The FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events in the world and should be about bringing the world’s finest athletes together to inspire dedication and achievement. Instead, the event is plagued by reports of the brutal killings of stray dogs, cats and birds on the streets of countries chosen to host the event.

Outrage has spread across the world after photos of dogs being killed with lethal chemicals and then piled up like trash emerged. The cruel killing of these dogs does nothing to solve the perceived problem with unwanted animals, and authorities frequently support the inhumane killing of homeless animals as a way of ‘purging’ the streets.

FIFA has a duty to do everything it can to prevent this. As stated in the FIFA Code of Ethics, “FIFA is constantly striving to protect the image of football, and especially that of FIFA, from jeopardy or harm as a result of illegal, immoral or unethical methods and practice.” It is clear that allowing football to be connected in any way with the bludgeoning and poisoning of homeless animals is both immoral and unethical, and therefore incompatible with the Code.

I urge you to add an animal welfare clause to the FIFA Code of Ethics, stating that all host countries must not engage in inhumane and ineffective slaughtering of stray animals before and during World Cup events. Countries should be encouraged to invest in robust spay and neuter programmes, along with increased funding for rescue and rehoming centres. Where euthanasia is deemed necessary for animals who are suffering in extreme pain or distress, and there is no realistic hope of alleviating this pain to allow a high quality of life, it should be performed in line with the Humane Society of the United States guidelines.

As the governing body which chooses host countries and as the safeguard of football’s reputation globally, responsibility for the deaths of stray animals must be shouldered by FIFA. I urge you to do your part in ending the current killings and preventing many more in the future.